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Taking Off The Mask: Queen K's Story

We all have labels we define ourselves as. Some of us label ourselves as mothers, wives, career driven. We focus our efforts on what we're passionate about...and thereby label ourselves as what we're comfortable with being. However, when the time comes to label ourselves as a sensual, sexy woman occurs we are thrust out of our comfort zones and many of us shy away.

Queen K has battled with an eating disorder for years. She had recently gained 40 pounds and has been trying to lose weight in a healthy way, but even with a husband who relentlessly insisted she was beautiful she couldn't shake that feeling that she wasn't enough.

When it came to people taking photos of her she always found a way to include her children in the photo too, as a way to show in the picture "I'm a mom, here are my kids" as if to apologize for and explain her appearance. At her shoot though, there was nothing to hide behind. No kids, not clothes, no labels, nothing. She braved her session, and in fact did quite a few images practically nude. The session itself was enjoyable, but then came the part she feared...viewing and ordering. Her husband came, and at first I was curious why he was the one holding the laptop, and making most of the choices since usually the session is for the subject, but she insisted he be there. She was afraid if left to her own devices she would nit pick every conceived flaw and she knew he would pick the images that she looked great in. He even insisted on ordering 2 canvas' of her! When she arrived to pick up her images she was amazed. There was nothing she could pick out from her images that were flawed. She felt truly beautiful and teared up as she looked through her photos. She initially intended that the session be for her and the images be for her husband but before she left she decided to claim the images as being for her, and her hubs would get the benefit of looking at them.

Check out all of Queen K's gorgeous images below!!

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