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The Fashionista: Queen C's Session

Nothing pumps me up more for an amazing boudoir session than a client who is ready to ROCK her shoot! Queen C came in for her session and she was absolutely ready. As soon as she walked in, her black feather lined robe immediately caught my attention and I knew this girl was prepared.

She opened her bags and pulled out an equally fabulous wine colored robe and a pair of matching shoes with feather accents. She also had the most red body suit, and an off-white cloak! We had a lot of fun styling her for every set. She looked like a total bombshell and gave off massive Marilyn Monroe vibes. I was so excited to photograph this client who took such good care to prep an amazingly glamorous wardrobe. These photos are going to be a great keepsake for her to look back on for years to come!

Check out her fabulous boudoir photos below!

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