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I Finally Did My Own Boudoir Session and I Loved It!

Last month I finally took the plunge and did something I’ve been meaning to do for years! I finally had my own boudoir session. Just like many of you I had my own fears going through my head...would I feel good about the photos? Would I feel like I wasted my time, money, and energy? Not only that but as a photographer myself I have all my own preferences technically. Would I tear apart the poses, lighting and angles, and upset a fellow boudoir photographer in the process? What if it was all just a big mistake?

I was very careful in choosing my photographer, and one day came across Jana Cooper of Nevesta Boudoir up in Dallas, Texas. I really liked how she had a body positive portfolio and also that she had worked with similar business coaches that I had. I felt confident that this was the perfect person to entrust my photos too.

On December 12 I drove to her studio and was so amazed by the fact that she worked out of an actual studio space vs her own home. It's not unusual for a high-end boudoir photographer to work out of a home studio, but going into a business location was definitely cool for me as a fellow photographer.

Her sets were so grand, and her shower scene set up really impressed me. Let's not forget those Angel Wings!! Ahhh! To Die For!!!

I sat down in hair and makeup and her glam squad professional that day did a fantastic job! I told her if I ever came back to Dallas to do a shoot with a client I'd definitely give her a call.

Then we got to work. It was so different being on the other side of the camera for once. Jana was great at putting me at-ease and I was surprised by how quickly she seemed to get all her shots. By the end of the shoot I felt so excited to see my photos!

We finally sat down and she showed me all of my images and all I could think was "Wow, I knew I could look good but I didn't know I could look THAT good!!" They looked amazing! I even chose 40/80 photos which is way more than I thought I would pick.

My session gave me so much to think about. I loved how she made me look like an absolute bombshell, and all I kept thinking was "is this the experience I give my clients? I can't believe I could make people feel as amazing as I feel right now!". I will be going back to work in my own studio with a few new poses and my own new-found confidence. Thanks again Jana Cooper and Nevesta Boudoir!!

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