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It's Never Too Late: Queen H's Story

When Queen H came to me to do a boudoir shoot it was one of the longest emails I'd received in a long time...

"Who wouldn’t want to be made to feel beautiful in their skin?!??? The skin that holds all our life stories in; shows the scars of injury, of pregnancy & child birth; skin that at times is hidden out of discomfort and flaunted when we finally feel sexy and confident in our SKIN. I am no different than the many other women that secretly desire the opportunity to have someone fix the makeup they never seem to get right- or our kids require more assistance getting ready, leaving us with only blush on the cheeks, mascara and some gloss. I am like all the other moms that have forgotten at time how to fix their hair just right or what’s trending besides the bun and ball cap! I’m like all the other moms that have fluctuated 50+ pounds FOUR times with each pregnancy and felt like crap for what seemed like FOREVER to get it off. I’m just a mom that lives for my kids and has put them first for so many years until this past year, our goals became equal. When I turned 40, I promised myself I would tackle my bucket list and do a bikini show AND I just did my first show at 41 years old. It was such an amazing experience to feel, look and breathe PRETTY! My kids were so proud of my hard work and the year commitment I made to achieve my goal AND win two 3rd place spots. I would capture my hard work through your creative eye and never forget that all my scars-inside & out and all my flaws and imperfections to others, make me PERFECT in my eyes, the eyes of my kids and my fiancé. Oh, yes… I should mention that as well. Three years ago I reconnected with my childhood friend. We’ve known each other since we were seven. We will be getting married in April..."

It's always wonderful to hear about the so many amazing reasons our clients want to work with us.

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