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Crohn's Awareness: Queen K's Story

When Queen K booked it was clear she was a natural beauty. Gorgeous long red hair, a beautiful smile, and I would never reveal a ladies age without her permission, but wow, even with no makeup you would never guess. She did reveal to us that a big reason she wanted to do a boudoir shoot was because she has one insecurity that while out and about no one see's but it affects her life daily. She has Crohn's Disease. "I have an ileostomy which gives me confidence issues. I also have numerous stretch marks from meds causing me to gain and lose weight fast. I would love to attempt to bring awareness to lesser known diseases as well as help others overcome body issues. I hope by possibly exposing myself to a photoshoot like this, I can be more proud in my own skin." Throughout the shoot she took direction well, and had fun with the experience. She still seemed unsure about her pouch, but she insisted she wanted to show it and be real for the purpose of the shoot.

After her session she sent me the following text message..(how adorable is this? Can you say #husbandgoals?)

Her final images came in and when she saw them her reaction changed dramatically from when she saw them on the camera. Instead of seeing all the little things she felt insecure about she saw herself as a whole. The one photo she had been most nervous about showed off her pouch the most. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw it in her album. She pointed it out and said "That one turned out way better than I expected!" She even posted a live vid of her husband viewing her album (which you can view by joining our Eye Candy Queen's Fb group!

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