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A Mom Can Do It All: Queen E's Story

Queen E's story is much like the story of every modern wife and mom; she was overworked, emotional and had lately been feeling depressed. It wasn't until a good friend of hers asked her what acts of Self Love she was doing that she actually realized she hadn't taken time for herself in a long while. The most time she got to herself were those moments she got up before her child was awake to work out in the morning, but it wasn't enough. Her focus was on her household, cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, groceries, kids. There wasn't a spare second where she could enjoy a meal or her coffee without someone needing her attention. She knew she had come to a point that something had to be done. She needed something just for her, a moment of peace, some pampering. She booked a boudoir shoot with Eye Candy and came in a little nervous not knowing what to expect. During her viewing and ordering session her husband came in to look at the photos with her and the moment was so emotional. I'm so happy to have worked with her and been able to give her these gorgeous images.

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