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The Right Body For Boudoir

Boudoir is all about helping women feel gorgeous in their bodies. So many women find it difficult to express self love because society and advertising are constantly telling women they're not enough just existing in the world as they are. A big conversation topic that occurs with many clients are the negative feelings they have about their bodies due to other people's words.

I had a client, Queen A, come in a few months ago for a shoot. She's a beautiful plus size woman. She told me that she had almost done a boudoir shoot before with another "professional photographer" but it didn't work out. She had heard such good things about this photographer through an online community she is apart of and sought him out for a shoot. She was going to bring a friend just for support and he kept asking her questions like "can your friend get in the photos with you?" "Are you sure we can't have her join in?" She told him "No, she's only here for support."

He told her, point blank, "Well never mind then, because you wouldn't look good on my portfolio anyway."

I was FLOORED! I know jerks exist and I know not all photographers are angels but I couldn't believe someone who professed to be a professional would say something like this.

I felt so mad, and will say without a doubt the photos I took of her looked so AMAZING, and I'm not saying that to brag, I'm saying that to show that I have taken time to study my craft, to study posing, and to know what is going to work for every body type to look good in photos. Queen A, may not have looked good on his portfolio but it would have had nothing to do with her body type, it would have to do with the fact that he doesn't know his craft well enough to know how to pose her. If you call yourself a professional and you can only photograph women with slender bodies, then you have no business calling yourself a professional. There are women out there with so many different body types and if you can only photograph one type then you shouldn't be presenting yourself as an expert in your field.

If you took a man who could paint the most amazing picture of a tree, better than anyone in the world, but that's the only thing he could paint would he be considered a great painter? If his paintings of a blue bird, a rose, or a seashell came out looking like something from a kindergarten class is it the blue bird, rose, or seashell's fault? Of course not.

When I hear other photographers talk about plus-size bodies like they're this huge hurdle they have to get over, and it gives them anxiety it really fills me with annoyance. I will tell you as a photographer who has photographed bodies of all types, of all shapes and sizes, your body is beautiful. It is not a PROBLEM I have to fix, it is not a hurdle I have to get over. With boudoir it is all about angles and posing, for plus women and for slender women. There are different poses that are going to look best for different body types. There is no "correct" body for boudoir. A true artist can see the beauty in anything, and a professional who has taken the time to know their craft will capture it.

I can absolutely find beauty in any woman who comes in my door for a boudoir shoot, and you will walk out feeling fierce because that's what I'm here to do. I've put a lot of work into learning how to photograph every body type. So if anyone tells you that you won't look good, ignore that. Your appearance is more than just your physical body, it's your unique brand of beauty and it deserves to be represented in your photos in the best way, and if a photographer can't see it then you deserve better in a photographer.

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