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I Did A Boudoir Shoot - Here's Why You Should Too!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Yesterday's session with Jennifer was absolutely amazing!! She has such a great eye and talent for what she does.

A little bit of background: I'm a 47 year old, mother of 3 (adult children), NaNa to one gorgeous 2 year old grandson. In 1995, I was hit by a drunk driver while standing on the sidewalk. Along with several injuries, my leg was broken in 3 places and I have had a pin and plate system in my upper thigh bone and ball and socket joint. The muscle was damaged in that process and I have a 3rd ass cheek and a foot and a half long scar on my thigh resulting from that. Close to 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer - went through surgery and treatment. After that, my system started breaking down. My thyroid stopped working and my body stopped producing any testosterone. As a result of these combined hormonal deficiencies, even with replacement prescriptions and pellet injections, I've continued to put on weight. I'm now 80 lbs heavier than I've ever been before I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm happy to say I've been clear and cancer free for 3 years now.

The shoot itself was so much fun. Jennifer was extremely supportive and patient in spite of all my idiosyncrasies. I felt like I was playing twister for a while. HA!! I can't emphasize enough how much THIS GIRL KNOWS HER STUFF!!! Being older and broken in so many ways - both physical and emotional - she's not only supportive, but when she talks about her missions statement of empowering women, it put my mind into a different way of thinking that I haven't pondered in a LONG time. It's not a "feminist" thing, it's about loving yourself, supporting and uplifting other women, seeing the beauty in your femininity and embracing everything beautiful, no matter what your size or how many flaws.

When I was able to view the pictures she had taken, I was in awe!!! I talk a LOT, and I was utterly speechless. I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that the person in those pictures was really me. In lieu of only finding 1 or 2 that I liked, I loved ALL of them. My cheap ass opted for the largest package available. I was sure I wanted it.

I walked away with this: I did it mostly for me!!! I'm still astounded that I can look and feel pretty, that I can be beautiful. I know who I am and have a strong self worth, but there is something really special about being completely "girly" and knowing someone has so much talent to take any person, in all different packages and enhance their beauty and inspire them - all while making them look elegant.

Final parting words: Do this for yourself and for your own growth. Don't let anyone shame you for choosing to magnify the beauty and strength you have. This is an investment in yourself.

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