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The New Couple

Most couples take things slow. They get to know each other, usually 6 months to a year down the line they decide to move in together, a few months later they might get a dog. Time builds trust, so I never thought I'd photograph a couple who had only been together for 3 WEEKS!

Meet King H and King J. They are no ordinary couple, clearly. They originally met on a dating app and after only 3 weeks of dating they decided to book a sexy couples boudoir shoot in celebration of the upcoming PRIDE festival taking place in Austin, and WOW! The photos turned out so great.

The entire thing was H's idea, and while his boyfriend J was nervous and unsure he decided to go along with it, but I think his reaction was the best. He looked bewildered at he scanned the images and made the comment "these turned out a hundred times better than I would have ever expected!"

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