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Plus-Size Boudoir Austin

Every BODY is a boudoir body, or at least that's what a lot of boudoir photographers say. However, as a plus-size boudoir photographer I can tell you that I wouldn't trust every boudoir photographer, even the "Best of the Best" to know how to photograph my body. Why? Because I don't see the representation on their websites. I don't see it on their Facebook, their Instagram. Then for the few that do there are only a handful who have the technical ability to know how to pose and light them.

I went to my first vendor event last weekend: The Body Mind Spirit Expo. I had an absolute blast speaking with women about the amazing body confidence boosting experience a boudoir session with us is. We were offering the opportunity to apply to have a free boudoir session. However, I noticed a handful of women who would start to pass by the booth. I'd say to them, "Hi ma'am, would you like to apply for the opportunity to have a free boudoir session?" They'd glance at the photos behind me and say "No, that's not for me, I need to lose about 50 pounds first."

I would say firmly, "Oh it absolutely is for you. We are known as the go-to plus-size Boudoir Photography studio in Austin." I showed them before and after photos of clients of all shapes and sizes. I explained how we provided 2 free lingerie outfits to every client, and how we typically order through Shein, but would splurge for Torrid for plus size clients because being treated fairly means providing everyone with lingerie that fits properly and helps them feel more confident. Then I would even tell them about my own experience as a plus size woman having boudoir photos taken, and how I researched until I found a photographer who I was confident would provide me with photos I would love. I'd explain that beautiful boudoir photos are not about the subject "looking good enough". It's about the photographer having the skillset and a positive mindset around bodies of all sizes.

I told them about a friend of mine from high school who wanted to have boudoir photos done by another photographer, but due to my friend's size he said "Never mind, because you wouldn't look good on my portfolio anyway." I think that story has fueled me to focus more on creating a brand that celebrates all bodies and taking special care to make sure my curvier Queens understand that they deserve to be celebrated too.

So for the ladies who feel awkward, who think they are not photogenic, who think "This isn't for me", "I'm too big to do this" or "I won't look good," it's time to change your mindset. It's time to say "I can do this!" "This is for ME!". You deserve to feel beautiful because you are beautiful. I believe in your beauty, and when you visit my studio, you will too.

Check out some of our FABULOUS curve Queens we've had the pleasure of photographing over the years!

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