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Tummy Terrors

The biggest insecurity so many women have when coming in for a boudoir session is their stomach...and I get it! Maybe it's because of pregnancy or maybe it's just where you happen to carry your weight but either way you shouldn't let your tummy get in the way of rocking your amazing boudoir session. Here's the 3 MUST HAVES for what to bring to your boudoir session if you're feeling shy about your stomach. Also included, the outfit every woman thinks will take care of her tummy terrors, but is actually the WORST!

1. Body Suits

Body suits are AMAZING for any woman but if you're nervous about showing off your stomach they really help with coverage. My go-to locations for bodysuits are Forever 21 and I had a client in the past come in for her session and claimed she didn't bring a body suit because she didn't think they would look right on her. We did get her into one of ours from our client closet however and they ended up being some of her favorite shots! Trust us when we say GET THE BODYSUIT. We're the professionals. We know what we're talking about ;)

2. Shirt with shoulder's cut off

I know crop tops are all the rage right now, but before you go cutting off the lower half of a cute shirt you want to incorporate into your session consider cutting off the shoulders instead. Even if you have the most toned stomach in the world and want to show it off, I still recommend cutting off the shoulders.

3. High Waisted Swim Suit Bottoms

As a girl who carries all her weight in her stomach something I've found is that high waisted underwear doesn't come up high enough. It stops right under your belly button, and if you're like me that isn't nearly enough coverage. High waisted swimsuit bottoms however come up just a few inches under your bra line. My favorite place to purchase high waisted swimsuit bottoms is from Torrid. They're really cute too! My favorite pair is the black lattice side swim bottom. They are super sexy like a cute pair of black underwear and will work with any bra! If that doesn't work you could also always get a plain black pair of Spanx panties.

As I mentioned before we're going over the #1 WORST item to bring. The lingerie item so many women come in with and the first thing they say is "I got it because I thought it'd be good to hide my stomach". It's the biggest misconception in boudoir fashion I've ever seen and it is...Baby Doll Lingerie.

Baby doll style lingerie pieces don't flatter the shape but hide it. It flows out and away from the stomach giving the wearer less of a shape and more volume around the stomach. Avoid this piece at all costs. Boudoir is about embracing your curves, not hiding them.

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