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Preparing For Your Boudoir Session

Preparing for your boudoir session with Eye Candy can be an exciting experience. Here's 5 Things To Know Before You Enter Our Austin Studio!

1. We have a client closet We always tell our clients to bring 6-8 outfits for their shoot because we want to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. We do however have a client closet with shoes, corsets and more that we welcome every client to check out. We have limited sizes so it is important you bring the necessary amount of outfits to make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.

2. We offer package credit for donations Worried about buying that $150 luxury 1940's style chiffon robe because the only time you'll ever wear it is for your boudoir shoot? Go ahead and get it and hold on to the receipt. After your session you can donate it to our client closet and get $150 off your package! We accept gently used shoes, corsets, robes, jewelry, props, etc. (No underwear or body suits).

3. We have prepayment plans

Our prepayment plans take place up to 6 months prior to your session. Many of our clients do a prepayment plan for our smallest package, and then after viewing and ordering they upgrade to a bigger package with all the photos they love, making their payments more affordable.

4. We offer a Royalty Points Program

When you come in for your in person consultation we'll go over everything you need to know regarding your session including our Royalty Points program, where you can earn free products from your session by tagging us on Facebook, inviting friends to like our Facebook page and more!

5. Be willing to invest before you even step foot in our studio

Everyone has that same fear when walking in "what if I don't like my pictures." I get it. As a plus size person myself I often have feelings of insecurity when trusting someone else to photograph me. However, this fear shouldn't hold you back from making every effort to prepare for your special day. We have had clients come in with old bra and underwear outfits, chewed nails, tan lines, etc. All things that could have been taken care of before the session, but went neglected because the client had a negative outlook from the beginning. You're investing in this experience because you trust us, so don't be afraid to go all in.

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