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10 Things To Bring To A Boudoir Session

The number one comment I get from clients when they step through the door is "I didn't know what to bring, so I just brought everything." That's awesome!! We can always find something out of everything but to help you not freak out the night before your boudoir shoot and sending you into a frenzy of throwing everything in your closet that 's even remotely sexy into a bag here are 10 Things To Bring To A Boudoir Session.

1. Body Suit

Body Suits look great on anyone, no matter what their size! You can play with it, feel sexy in it, and not worry about showing off your stomach. Definitely put this in your bag on the way to your session!

2. Food

Yes! Food! You wouldn't think so but food can be excellent in a boudoir shoot. There's always standard chocolate covered strawberries, but don't be afraid to have fun with it! Bring a bag of Cheetos, cupcakes, tacos, an entire pizza!!...why am I hungry all of a sudden?

3. Husband/Boyfriend's Work Shirt

There are about 3 million pictures on Pinterest of women wearing one of a man's business button up shirts and ties, but maybe your man isn't a white collar kind of guy. Customize your shoot to him and his profession with one of his work shirts!

4. Your Pet

Sometimes people feel they need a friend present at their boudoir shoot, and while "man's best friend" probably wasn't what they were thinking, pets are great for boudoir shoots. Having your furry friend there will give a feeling of comfort and can soften & calm us. (Please let Eye Candy Boudoir know if you'd like to bring pets with you for your shoot beforehand, we must approve before we can let them into our studio space.)

5. Tie in your hobbies/passions!

What are the things that make you uniquely you? Are you an artist who loves to paint? Are you a country girl who enjoys hunting on the weekends? Are you a gamer girl? There's so much more to what is uniquely beautiful about you as a person than your looks, and Eye Candy is all about capturing it.

6. Costumes

Halloween doesn't have to be the only time of year you enjoy dressing up. Feel like being a naughty nurse? What about a sexy unicorn? Feel free to let out your inner Regina George sexy bunny in our studio...and we will totally encourage you like Mrs. George.

7. Heels

Don't forget to bring your favorite pair of heels! They help with your posture, and add a little extra femininity to your look!

8. Luxurious Props/Clothes

Add to your feeling of fabulousness by bringing special items you might not use every day. A long pearl necklace, satin arm length gloves, a mink vest, etc.

9. Kink Items

Our company's big focus is on empowerment and self love through photography...we are a boudoir studio though and we cater to a variety of women's tastes. So if you're going for a look that is a little more sexually obvious you can bring a pair of fishnet stockings, furry handcuffs, whips, or leather. (Eye Candy Boudoir does not permit photographing items such as vibrators or other adult products used for sex/masturbatory purposes.)

10. Yourself

Boudoir is all about focusing on the beauty of the female form. So if all you can bring is your birthday suit then we gotcha girl!!

Maybe not all these items are right for you. Maybe only 1 or 2 of the above suggestions are really all you need. In the end it's all about bringing the items that are going to help you feel your most sexy.

Have more questions about what a session with Eye Candy Boudoir is like? Contact us at

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