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I Am A Disgusting Swamp Monster Beast!

We all have moments when we don't have time to care about our looks. To expect ourselves to never leave the house without a shower, full face of makeup, 30 minutes of exercise a day, all clothes fully washed and dried consistently and never miss a day is nearly impossible. We are only human, we run late, have things to do, places to be and sometimes our physical appearance comes second in the moment.

A few years ago during Easter I was down in Corpus Christi visiting family, and last minute I found a picture on Pinterest of a cake I wanted to make. This particular cake involved multiple different colored PEEPS and I knew finding them the Saturday before was unlikely. I got up early the next morning: same outfit from the day before, no shower, hair in a messy ponytail, tattered flip flops, and no makeup. I knew I looked terrible but I wasn't going out to impress anyone.

I had been to about 4 stores and was still looking. I stopped at a Dollar General and as I started to get out of my car I noticed this man coming out of the store and had a weird feeling like he was really looking at me. I started to lock my car as he gets to his car parked right next to mine. I hear "Hey, hey you, miss." I looked up at him talking to me. "How are you?"

"Good..." Truthfully having random men greet me out of nowhere is not something to be expected, especially when I look like a homeless person, unless he's trying to sell me something...or kidnap me.

"Oh that's good, what's your name?" You can understand why I was hesitant to answer that I'm sure.


"Oh nice, do you want to do something tonight, or go out?"

WHAT??? Of course I said no for a number of reasons. He wasn't my type, I didn't live in the area, it was the day before Easter...I DIDN'T KNOW HIM. However, I couldn't help but feel a sense of flattery. As awful as I looked, a random stranger saw me and at first glance felt compelled to ask me out. I couldn't help but be like, "Wow, my sexiness is so intense really radiated through all the grossness." HAHA

The truth is a lot of us feel like we just don't look good. Our hair isn't right, our body carries too many curves, we have scars and stretch marks, and when someone finds us attractive we believe that something has to be wrong with them. When we look in the mirror we see everything that needs to be fixed, whereas other people tend to look at us and just see a person, and based on their own preferences they may see beauty in the features we don't love about ourselves.

This is what I love about boudoir. We are so used to nitpicking and finding flaws and saying "if this was different about me THEN I'd be beautiful" but boudoir allows women to see themselves as beautiful just as they are. That way when they look in the mirror and see those flaws they no longer feel the need to fixate on them because they know the flaws aren't all there is. Boudoir is about changing a woman's perspective, about seeing themselves as a whole beautiful person rather than a number of minuscule negative features.

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