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My Mom Destroyed My Self-Esteem

I know it sounds cliche but I have heard this so many times from so many women. Whether it was their mother, or sometimes even their father, so many little girls grow up to feel inadequate and unattractive because of the things they heard growing up from their parents. Our parents are our number one role models growing up, and their negative sense of self worth can tend to reflect back on us.

In college I remember a girl in my sorority recounting how her mother encouraged her eating disorder throughout high school because "it was working, and she looked great". Another woman confessed to me (and I mention this in another blog post you can check out here >> that when she was 15 her father held up a pair of size 5 shorts that he thought belonged to her sister and commented on how disgusting he thought it was that they were so huge, when they actually belonged to the daughter he was talking to.

I've dealt with it too. Don't get me wrong, I have a good relationship with my mom and love her more than anything but growing up I thought it was a compliment every time I went clothes shopping with her and she would tell me "You would look so beautiful, if you weighed 20 pounds less." Now I just think back on it and wonder why she couldn't just tell me I looked beautiful.

Things like this have stuck with so many women and it's painful to know your parent can say something so hurtful and feel justified in it.

This is why I always encourage women, mom's especially, to book a boudoir shoot. You are your child's role model. You are the example for them to follow to having a healthy sense of self esteem and self worth. You need to learn to love yourself for your child. A boudoir shoot will teach you how.

If you're ready to embark on your journey to self love with a boudoir session, book your shoot with us at

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