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Love Notes

"If you've been reluctant to do a boudoir shoot, I highly recommend you do it!!"

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"It's about loving yourself, supporting and uplifting other women, seeing the beauty in your femininity and embracing everything beautiful, no matter what your size"

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"The photos turned out amazing. It was everything I wanted in my first boudoir shoot!"

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"Fantastic at giving direction & I loved the editing! Excellent skills."

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"Jennifer is an amazing photographer and makes it fun. I laughed the whole time and the pictures were just unbelievable!"

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"Thank you for making me feel like a queen!"

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"I promise you'll be happy that you decided to go with Eye Candy Boudoir for your Boudoir photography session."

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"You made me feel beautiful and I can't tell you how much that means to me."

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"I would definitely do it again in the future and the photos were amazing."

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"My pictures are AMAZING!"

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"She knew what angles would flatter my figure and made me feel comfortable in all my photos."

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"I am loving so many of my boudoir photos and it's so hard to narrow it down!"

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"I have never done boudoir photos before! And I never thought it would turn out so awesome,"

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 2.45.16 PM.png

"Although I was nervous, that quickly went away and I had a LOT of fun. I can't wait to book another (boudoir) session."

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