Love Notes

"If you've been reluctant to do a boudoir shoot, I highly recommend you do it!!"

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"It's about loving yourself, supporting and uplifting other women, seeing the beauty in your femininity and embracing everything beautiful, no matter what your size"

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"The photos turned out amazing. It was everything I wanted in my first boudoir shoot!"

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"Fantastic at giving direction & I loved the editing! Excellent skills."

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"Jennifer is an amazing photographer and makes it fun. I laughed the whole time and the pictures were just unbelievable!"

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"Thank you for making me feel like a queen!"

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"You made me feel beautiful and I can't tell you how much that means to me."

"I would definitely do it again in the future and the photos were amazing."

"My pictures were AMAZING!"

"She knew what angles would flatter my figure and made me feel comfortable in all my photos."