• Jennifer Hennigan

Why My Prices Are What They Are

Someone told me that the fact that I make the kind of money that I do with photography and I'm not shooting weddings is wrong and I should lower my prices. They said "That's an entire months rent for just your smallest package! I can't imagine how anyone can justify to spend as much or more than a wedding photographer for this."

Women come to me in their most vulnerable state and trust me to capture them in a way that makes them feel beautiful... I don't photograph Victoria's Secret models. I photograph women who are as young as 21 to as old as 99. Women who weigh over 150, 200, 300lb; who have 3 children and have stretch marks all over their stomach and breasts. Cancer survivors who have had double mastectomy's. I've had a woman with Crohn's Disease. Women who's husbands of 10 years just left them less than a month before their shoot.

Boudoir is about photographing a real woman who has had her self esteem broken down and felt for years that she is not beautiful because of society, an abusive relationship, or just school age bullying. It's undoing all the abuse she has suffered to think that because she is not society's version of a beauty queen that she is not worthy of being loved. In one day I undo all that mental damage and anguish with my camera.

Wedding Photographers Document Love For Two

Boudoir Photographers Create Self Love In One

If you think having self love isn't as important as finding love with another perhaps boudoir isn't for you, but for some people, it's life changing. To have someone who knows how to do it correctly is worth every penny. #boudoir #selflove #beautiful #photography #photographer #pricing #curves #agehasnolimit #gorgeous #loveyourself

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