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A Children's Book geared towards little girls but especially their moms. It teaches about how self-love is learned through example.



A little girl who is told she looks like her mother begins to feel bad about her body when she overhears her mom voicing her own insecurities. After her mom comes back from a mysterious errand she teaches her daughter to love the things about herself that make her unique, and that what makes her different is what makes her beautiful.

So I wrote a book!!

It's a children's book called Mommy Says.

As a boudoir photographer, I have spoken with hundreds of women regarding their struggles with self-love and many of their stories are the same. For a lot of them, it begins in childhood, and more often than not their insecurities come from watching their own mother's struggle to love themselves.

I was inspired to write this book by the women who have told me that the reason they want to do a boudoir shoot is to break the cycle of not feeling good enough. They want to be role models to their daughters and teach them that no matter what you look like you are your own brand of beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with the way they look.

"Children’s opinions of their bodies form at a very young age. Research suggests that children as young as 3 years old can have body image issues. There are many things that influence how children see themselves. Parents can play a critical role in helping children develop a positive body image and self-esteem (how you see yourself and feel about yourself)." -…/


The story is about a little girl who is told she looks just like her mother but starts to feel bad about her body when she overhears her mom voicing her own insecurities. One day the mom goes on a mysterious errand (bet you all can guess) and comes back and has a whole new perspective and teaches her daughter to feel good about her body and what makes her unique is what makes her beautiful. 




I decided to self-publish the book because I want it to see the light of day rather than linger in someone’s slush pile.


I'm a boudoir photographer in Austin, Texas. While I'm known for my glamorous fabulous work behind the camera I'm also an avid writer and professional nanny.

I started writing and drawing when I was just a young child. I won multiple awards while in intermediate and middle school for my writing. In 6th Grade, I wrote a children's book for an assignment called "THAT CAT MATT". The library published my book and me along with a handful of other students who wrote the best books were awarded a pizza party. I also won a trip to meet a published author along with 4 other student's in my grade when I was in year 5 because of an illustration I did of children on a field trip with their teacher looking at the American flag and a $200 bond for an essay I wrote in 8th Grade about what it means to be a veteran. I swapped my writing to screenplays and attended Lamar University in 2010-2013 where I majored in film and wrote numerous short scripts and features.

I've nannied children from ages 2 - 10. I love working and playing with kids. A lot of us know kids are very blunt. They won't give us a comment they don't mean. A lot of the things we feel insecure about kids don't see as negatives. The same kid who will say "you're fat" or "you're bald" will also say "you're so pretty" in the same breath. They mean both, but they don't see us as flawed they just see us as people with our own unique features. I've been known to well up with tears on more than one occasion when an 8-year-old told me I was "so pretty." I love that they see us as just fine the way we are.


What got me started on this book was I was sitting at home quarantined amidst the Coronavirus and just started thinking about how many of us have memories about our parents criticizing themselves or even sometimes us as children for not being skinny enough or not being pretty enough. Children are learning to be insecure at younger and younger ages, and the truth is it's all brainwashing. All of the things that we stress about regarding our looks are just lies we've been told so often that we've begun to believe them..


Many books will be donated to public schools and local libraries. I also would like to send extra copies out to fellow boudoir photographers that they may use as a giveaway product, or as a gift to their clients who are moms. Spreading the message of body positivity and self-love is very important to me, and I want all moms to learn the lesson of self-love for themselves so they will be able to instill these virtues in their children.

Pre-sale lasts til June 15, 2020. Delivery will be made in August of 2020


If we pre-sell over 125 books I will upgrade everyone's purchase to a hardcopy book instead of paperback.