Boudoir Sessions


Individual Boudoir Session

NOW $149

Every woman has her own unique brand of


This is where she embraces it.

Your Session Includes:

Look your best for your shoot with FREE Professional Hair & Makeup

Flattering poses, lighting, and sets by a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer so you can see how gorgeous you are pre-edit

Payment Plans for all product packages that work with all budgets - NO INTEREST

Client Closet with corsets, shoes, jewelry and outfits

LAST CHANCE to get corresponding digitals with luxury package purchase

Reviews from our Fabulous Eye Candy Queens!

"During the session I felt very relaxed, I had a good time, and I felt comfortable walking around half naked. I didn't feel felt normal. I know my husband's going to love them!" - Queen K

"I've struggled with viewing my body in a positive way for many years, but after the session all of that not only flew out the door, it was trampled with a confidence and love for myself, my body, and the things I've been through that have made me who I am. I would absolutely recommend her (Jennifer) to anyone." - Queen H

"I've been working on body positivity this past was super relaxed and they made me feel super beautiful and great! Jennifer does an amazing job!" -Queen B