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Individual Boudoir Session

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Nothing Makes A Woman More


Than The Belief That She Is Beautiful!

Boudoir isn't about being a super model, or having the perfect body, it's about capturing what is beautiful about you as an individual. Too many women say, "maybe when I lose 20 pounds" or "I don't do 'slutty' photos." Boudoir is about your natural beauty. Seeing yourself in an image as the beautiful desirable woman you are!

About 4 years ago I read an article online about boudoir photography and how it boosts women's confidence. In the article the writer described a woman who, since puberty, had never seen herself as desirable. She suffered from a very low self esteem, and hadn't experienced a day where she truly felt attractive since Junior High, but somehow she found the strength to go through with having boudoir photos taken. After her session she cried tears of joy. It was the first time she had seen herself as the beautiful desirable woman her husband saw for all the years they were together. When I read about this powerful feeling this craft gave to this woman and women in general I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

I can absolutely find beauty in any woman who comes in my door for a boudoir shoot, and you will walk out feeling fierce because I've put a lot of work into learning how to photograph every body type and make every lady who steps in front of my camera feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Your appearance is more than just a physical body, it's your unique brand of beauty and it deserves to be represented in your photos in the best way.

Your Session Includes:

Look your best for your shoot with FREE Professional Hair & Makeup

Flattering poses, lighting, and sets by a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer so you can see how gorgeous you are pre-edit

Payment Plans for all product packages that work with all budgets - NO INTEREST

Don't wait a week to see your photos - we do same day viewing and ordering of your images

The Swedish Heart USB Necklace comes with all your corresponding digital images from your photo package

Reviews from our Fabulous Eye Candy Queens!

"During the session I felt very relaxed, I had a good time, and I felt comfortable walking around half naked. I didn't feel felt normal. I know my husband's going to love them!" - Queen K

"I've struggled with viewing my body in a positive way for many years, but after the session all of that not only flew out the door, it was trampled with a confidence and love for myself, my body, and the things I've been through that have made me who I am. I would absolutely recommend her (Jennifer) to anyone." - Queen H

"I've been working on body positivity this past was super relaxed and they made me feel super beautiful and great! Jennifer does an amazing job!" -Queen B