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Seeking strong women who refuse to give up the fight to fully love and accept their bodies to be featured in the...


In Collaboration with Marando Studios.

Currently seeking residents in Florida.


The term "BoudWarrior" coined in 2020 by photographer, Jennifer Hennigan, refers to the many stunning clients who make the effort to continue to love their bodies every day. It's a term for the women who refuse to give up the fight to accept their bodies even while the world tells them that they shouldn't. We see those women every day. The ones who believe they're worth more by showing up and themselves. When you step into the studio and in front of our camera, you're sending out a message to the world that your body is beautiful and worthy of being immortalized through the power of photography.

Eye Candy Boudoir has conducted numerous creative works and media inspired by the idea of the "BoudWarrior" in the state of Texas but now we are working to expand on the idea of the BoudWarrior to women in Florida!

This calendar is a collaboration developed between Eye Candy Boudoir and Marando Studios (based in Orlando, Florida). All the photography featured on this page belongs to Marando Studios and is representative of what you should expect from your boudoir session if chosen to participate.

We're choosing 12 Florida women to share their story and reclaim their confidence by being featured in our BoudWarrior 2025 Calendar

If you take part as one of the LUCKY 12 ladies, you will receive a luxurious boudoir session with Marando Studios, complete with...

  • Professional Hair and Makeup

  • Access to our Client Closet filled with items size XS-5XL

  • Professional Posing Guidance

  • A Complimentary Meal Provided

  • Your own personal copy of the BoudWarrior Calendar

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