Boudie Bank


Book your session FREE when you join our Boudie Bank!!

What is the Boudie Bank??...


The Boudie Bank is an amazing & Interest Free way to save for your boudie products in a way that doesn’t break the bank all at once! The cost of a luxury experience with Eye Candy can be intimidating, so we're eliminating one of the biggest factors that holds some women back from enjoying this experience. Unlike payment plans, which is for paying off product purchases AFTER your session (and waiting months to receive your photos), the Boudie Bank is set up for saving money towards products BEFORE your session, and it’s INTEREST FREE! So you can responsibly save money to put towards your dream collection with Eye Candy Boudoir.


When you book your session you can immediately join the Boudie Bank so you can start saving right away!!

Boudie Bank includes:

Pre-payment plans up to 6 10 months before your session

Receive your photos after your photo session (don't wait to pay off your photos months after the shoot)

NO INTEREST when you join

Receive a FREE 16x24 Canvas ($999 value) when you pay off your photos by the day of your session.

Sign up now and we'll waive your $500 Booking Fee!!

Reviews from our Fabulous Eye Candy Queens!

"I've been working on body positivity this past was super relaxed and they made me feel super beautiful and great! Jennifer does an amazing job!" -Queen B

"I've struggled with viewing my body in a positive way for many years, but after the session all of that not only flew out the door, it was trampled with a confidence and love for myself, my body, and the things I've been through that have made me who I am. I would absolutely recommend her (Jennifer) to anyone." - Queen H

"During the session I felt very relaxed, I had a good time, and I felt comfortable walking around half naked. I didn't feel felt normal. I know my husband's going to love them!" - Queen K